James D. McCartney


Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Height/Weight: 6’2″ / 200lb


Film / Character / Production

“American Fairytales Do Come True” / Kris Humphries / Moving Train Pictures
“Love a Pho” / Detective Nick Stevens / Team Ramrod Productions
“American Family Insurance- Commercial” /  Business Man / La Banda Films
“Foolish Endeavor” / Richard & Factory Boy / Sandu Negrea Produtions
“The 80-5’s Are Born” / The Pollo Champione / Team Ramrod Productions
“Food is the Way to a Man’s Heart” / Steve / Moving Train Pictures
“The Coldest Winter” / Jason / Moving Train Pictures Production
“Olympics For Techies” / Chuck / Team Ramrod Productions
“You Only Get Lucky on Valentine’s” / Sunny Mangina / 4 Doors From a Strip Club, Prods.
“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” / Chloe’s Blind Date / E! Entertainment, Prods.
“Metamorphosis” / The Emcee / Moving Train Pictures Production
“Finals Week” / Buster Gonads / 4 Doors From a Strip Club, Prods.
“Shop ‘Til You Drop” / Contestant / Stone Stanley Entertainment
“Hombres Del Fuego” / Principle- Corporate Super Hero / Cine Libre Films
“Fox Sports” / Back Wax / MJZ Productions
“Azul” / Principle- Bum / Wicked Ray Productions
“View From the End” / Principle- Serial Killer & Preacher / Yankee Ingenuity Productions
“DEAD” / Principle- Don / Cookie Dough Productions
“Flintstones – Viva Rock Vegas” / Featured- Neanderthal Server / Brian Levant / Universal
“The Remaining One” / Lead- Man / Mier Productions
“With Your Help” – United Way / Principle- Lead Guitarist / Cameron Productions, Inc.
“Marshfield” – Weyerhaeuser / Principle- Mechanic / Malcolm Clark
“Georgia” / Featured- Chazman’s Friend / Miramax Home Enter.
“Virtual Reality” / Lead- Captain Kirk / HCC TV Production
“Self-Defense Work-Out” / Lead- Trainer / HCC TV Production


“On The Spot! Improv” / Christian Slater, Various Characters / No Ho’s Actor’s Studio
“Norman Is That You?” / Garson / West Washington P.A.C.
“Ashes to Ashes” / Devlin / Honey Stone Productions
“Commedia Tonight- The Grouch” / Normie / Cal. State Northridge (CSUN)
“Burnt Match” / Eddie / Son of a Preacher Man Productions
“Marathon Millennium” / Marathon Dancer / California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
“Bouffons on the Town” / High Priestess / Mad River Festival (Dell’ Arte)
“Dreams” / Man / CalArts
“Necrophilia” / Reader / CalArts
“The Cabaret Variety Show” / Jesus, Robber, Buster Gonads, etc. / CalArts
“Words, Words, Words” / Kafka / Highline Community College (HCC)
“The Zoo Story” / Jerry / (HCC)
“New & Improv-ed” / Jesus, Ricky Rocket,  etc. / (HCC)


Currently no conflicts


Cal. Institute of the Arts (CalArts);
B.A. Degree- Cal. State, Northridge (CSUN),
Dell’ Arte School of Physical Theatre;
A.A. Degree- Highline Community College (HCC)

Acting Instructors
Sherry Tschernisch    (CalArts)
Richard Brestoff, Christiana Taylor & Claude File    (HCC)

Commercial Workshop– 
Jon Smet & Jan Bina    Lien Cowan Casting

Television Acting & Production Instructors
Lillian Lehman    (CSUN)
Richard Brestoff, Christiana Taylor & Tom Pollard    (HCC)

Improvisation Instructor
Avery Schreiber, Lillian Lehman    (CSUN)
Claude File    (HCC)

Voice Instructor

Fran Bennett    (CalArts)

T’ia Chi Ch’uan Instructors-
Sherry Tschernisch & Nick Erickson    (CalArts)

Bouffon & Vaudeville Instructors-
Ole Brekke, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi & Joan Schirle    Dell’ Arte

Movement & Dance Instructor
Marvin Tunney    (CalArts)

Basic Stage Combat Instructor
David Boushey    United Stuntmens Association (HCC)


Guitar, T’ia Chi Ch’uan, Skate & Snow Boarding, Diverse Dialects and Stage Make-Up